Saturday, March 19, 2016

RUSSIA: Kamchatka, Land of Fire and Ice

Kamchatka, some called it the Valley of Volcanos, some say it is the Valley of Geysers, some say it deserved to be called the "Land of Fire and Ice"... turned out, it is all of that. People seems to find something new from time to time in the mysterious far East of Russia. If you think it is hard to find a place as exquisite as Iceland, you've never seen Kamchatka. And hold on, these photos only show a fraction of the peninsular, the tip of an iceberg, since the region is so less traveled. 
Photo by Dennis Budkov
You are looking at the photo, wondering whether the kaleidoscope of colors is photoshopped? I feel you! This photo was taken by Photographer, Dennis Budkov in an ice cave underneath a glacier."The rainbow caves are given their various colours by light refracting through the ice - with the thicker the ice, the more emerald they appear." quoted from

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Other amazing photos of Kamchatka taken by talented photographers around the world:
AirPano is a Russian project group dedicated to bring us high-resolution virtual tours from a bird's eye view. Their photographs of Kamchatka are eye-opening. Check out more of their work on their website:

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