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After passing through the World's End, You will reach the Canongate street, the last stretch of Royal Mile before you finally reach the Holyrood palace.

1. Canongate Tolbooth/ The People's Story

As I said earlier, Canongate use to be a seperate Burgh from Edinburgh so the Canongate Tolbooth served as the municipal building, court and prison for the Burgh of Canongate. It had then become a historical landmark for the Old town of Edinburgh.
The People's Story is a Free attraction, located within the tolbooth. It showcase the lives of Edinburgh's ordinary citizen from the late 18th century until today.

2. The Museum of Edinburgh/Huntly House
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The Museum of Edinburgh is located in Huntly House, right across the Canongate Tolbooth. Admission is free.

3. The Fudge House
My favorite place in Edinburgh when a little bit of sugar is all I need. It's fun sampling all kinds of flavors... and don't forget to take your favorite fudge home! 

4. Canongate Kirk
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Visitors are welcome to attend the Sunday services and stay for the refreshment. (Family Services at 10 and Parish Worship at 11.15am)

5. The Scottish Parliament
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It looks so controversial compared to the building around. This masterpiece is the work of the late Enric Miralles from Catalonia, Spain. Well, no wonder it reminded me of those unique buildings in Barcelona! (a great destination with amazing architecture).
Fun fact: the construction cost over £414 million (ten times over original budget!)

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6. Mary Queen of Scot's Bath House

Having the most interesting location: half in the palace gardens and half on the pavement of Abbey Hill, this is the cutest and smallest stone house I've ever seen! And despite being so tiny, this is actually a double storey Bath House for Mary Queen of Scot's!

7. Holyrood Palace
This is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. If you have sometime to spend, a guided tour is highly recommended.

8. Holyrood Abbey
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There is an interesting story behind this abbey: according to the locals, King David I was out hunting around the area during the Feast of the Cross (Holy Day) . He was then separated from others and later attacked by a huge Stag (male deer). At this point, a cross miraculously appeared between the antlers of the animal and it fled in terror. As an act of thanksgiving, the King founded the Holyrood Abbey on the site where the miracle had occurred.

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