Friday, May 27, 2016

Bangkok: a 3 days Itinerary

A Journey to Thailand! 
Our very first time of visiting Bangkok had surprisingly brought a lot of fun to us. This is a family trip where we planned our own without joining the tour group! We just looked for the local driver and make the booking online. So we really put lots of effort in searching those places. We really had so much fun and it seemed that spending 5 days 4 nights were ain't enough for us. So now, let the journey begins!

Day 1 (12th Dec 2014):
We're taking evening flight and we arrived Bangkok quite late at night. But this city and the street seems like never fall to sleep so "early" where the street was still so crowd at the 10pm. Just a short distance away from the hotel we stayed,  Centre Point Hotel Pratunam, there were lots of stalls selling  foods along the street.

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Thailand Food
Look at these! Trust me, it tastes so much better than it looks! For me, the bbq salted fish is the best (Top left). I'm not really a big fan of tomyam, but I really like it as it tastes not that spicy (Top right).

And now, finally I understand why some people said that food tastes better if you cook it by using charcoal. 

*End of Day 1*

Day 2 (13th Dec 2014):
It's a brand new day for us! Now, let's heading to our first location of the day, the Maeklong Station!
Maeklong Station
The inner view of the Maeklong Station! See how narrow is the lane!

Maeklong Station
The sellers were getting ready to clear the railroad.

Maeklong Station
The scene at the end of the train market. 

Maeklong Station
There's a mini coffee house available beside the train station for rest.

Maeklong Station
 The leaving of the train through the market. This really surprise me!

Here comes the next stop, the Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market! Haha, it becomes a really great experience for me as I never been to a floating market before!!! 

All houses and shops are made by wood & they can sell anything by the river. 

Interesting Places in Bangkok
It really surprised me when I saw those boats able to go across without bumping each other.

Bangkok Best Dessert
Yum yum! This will be my all time favorite, the mango sticky rice and coconut ice-cream!

The next stop for us is also the floating market, but according to our driver, the Amphawa Floating Market is preferred by most of the local citizens. 

Amphawa Floating Market
Instead of taking the boat, I found it much more interesting by walking by the river. Definitely, you will find more things to discover. 

Bangkok Pastries

Best Food in Thailand
All of these look like art! They are too pretty and I'm so reluctant to eat! It taste like sticky rice with coconut topping (Hehe, sorry that I really dunno what this called in Thai!).

Wow, see how big are these seafood! The scallops are so juicy!!! 

Here's the final stop of the day, Chocolate Ville! My family and I have been looking forward to this place for so long! 

Chocolate Ville
Welcome to Chocolate Ville!

Bangkok Off the beaten track
Hohoho! Merry Christmas! We're lucky enough as we arrived this place 2 weeks before Christmas! Look at this place, the lighting really mesmerized me! 

Bangkok Off the beaten Track
Look at these buildings and design, you will feel yourself being in Europe!

Chocolate Ville
Those lighting that reflects on the water is just too pretty!

Chocolate Ville
Dinner by the lakeside!
PS: If you wish to have your dinner here, it's better for you to go there and make the reservation earlier especially during the peak season (Christmas is just around the corner). We have waited 30 mins because this place really full of people, but after all it's really worth for us to wait! 

Dinner in Bangkok
Let's dine! 
Thumbs up for the pork ribs (Top left), salad (Middle), thai tomyum pasta (Bottom left), and the banana crepe (Bottom right)! 

*End of Day 2*

Day 3 (16th Dec 2014):
For our last day in Bangkok, we just went for a free & easy shopping. We also tried their famous pork rice & mee wantan. Here's the only shop in Bangkok & there's no branch at other place in Thailand! *Sorry that I seriously can't remember the name of the place.*
Bangkok Food
We queued up so long for this! 

Bangkok Skyline
Bangkok Night View
Goodbye Bangkok!
*End of day 5*

*End of Bangkok trip*

Guest Post by Alvira Yeoh from (From A to Y). 
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Andrew Boland said...

i loved seeing that train - i went to the market on a day tour last year. Your blog has all these new icons for sharing i think down the left side now - it's obscuring the writing a bit! Thought you should know.

Miss HappyFeet said...

Wow, you've been to everywhere! ;)
And, Thanks for letting me know! I've had it removed. ;)

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Anonymous said...

hi, what is the mode of transportation from your hostel to the Maeklong Railway Station and Amphawa Floating Market?

Ken Wu said...

The bazaar in Bangkok is really fun. Can you recommend me the famous markets in Bangkok? I would like to visit and buy some souvenirs here.