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Italy: 15 most beautiful cities/towns you should not miss on your next trip to Italy
Italy is famous for its delicious cuisine, culture, language, architecture and so much more. The moment you land in Italy, your options are endless. No matter you are heading north to Milan or south to Sicily, there is surely something/somewhere that can easily take your breath away. Here is 15 cities/ towns you should never miss on your next trip to Italy.  

1. Naples
I heard Naples has the best pizza in Italy, some may disagree. Anyhow, it is a good base for your visit to Amalfi Coast or Capri.

2. Grand Canal, Venice 
Hiring a Gondola is a classic way if experiencing the Grand Canal. However it is expensive and do not suit to those with small budget. Strolling along the waterway would be the best alternative to marvel at this architectural wonder, especially at sunset.

3. Burano island 
This touristy yet must-visit little island always top any list of "Most colourful places on earth". With only a 40 minute ferry trip from Venice Proper, this is by far the best day-trip option from Venice.

4. Rome
Rome wasn't built in one day and you can't expect to see it all in one day either! Coliseum and Fountain di Trevi are two of the most popular attractions in Rome. And if you don't mind the long queue, visiting the Vatican City is a must.  

5. Florence
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is considered one of the most beautiful building in Italy. Also, if you are into art, check out Michelangelo's famous statue of David in Galleria dell'Accademia and Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" and "Primavera" in Florence's Uffizi Gallery.

6. Alberobello
The cute Trullis are unique to Alberobello and they had been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.

7. Pisa
There are so many tourists who flock to Pisa to have their photos taken pushing/supporting the Leaning Tower. So why not have some fun yourself ? No one is gonna judge you.

8. Procida
It is also off the coast of Naples, making Naples a good base for a day trip. It is considered as one of the most colourful place in Italy and most importantly, mercifully off the mass-tourist radar!

9. Bergamo Alta
One of those underrated cities of Italy it is. The city of Bergamo Alta is a historic center surrounded by 16th century Venetian wall.

10. Manarola, Cinque Terre 
The UNESCO World Heritage "Cinque Terre" is especially stunning right after sunset. When the lights from the village reflects off the water, making the view somehow magical.

11. Siena
This UNESCO medieval city is well worth a visit, even if you are not in time for the famous horse race, il Palio. Fonte Gaia sitting right in the center of Poazza del Campo is one of the country's most impressive fountain.

12. Villa Rufolo, Ravello
You can't miss Villa Rufolo if you are visiting the Amalfi coast. No matter you are coming here for the blooming flowers or the outdoor concerts, you will never leave unsatisfied.

13. Positano
Italy's most photogenic coastal towns. The colours of those Saracen-inspired cubist buildings tumbling down the mountainside will surely reappear a million billion trillion times in your dreams after your unforgettable trip to Positano.

14. Verona
There are so much more to see other than the Juliet's Balcony, although it certainly is the main drawing point of the city.

15. Milan
If you plan to view Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting, The Last Supper, buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Amazing pics...Italy is a beautiful country... colourful cities, great art and architecture and beautiful historical cities make holidays in Italy unforgettable.