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High street is perhaps the most popular and perhaps the most popular part of the Royal Mile. It is always buzzing with crowds, restaurants, cafe, souvenir shops everywhere, so much to see and do!
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1. David Hume (The Philosopher)
There is a statue directly outside the High Court building. He is David Hume, Scottish empiricist philosopher, historian and economist. He is well known for his system of radical empiricism, skepticism and naturalism.

2. St Giles Cathedral
This is one of the brilliant free attraction on Royal Mile, where you can beautifully carved medieval stonework, and the colourful Victorian stained glass windows.

3. John Knox 
A statue of the reformation preacher, John Knox, is placed inside the church. He was buried in the former churchyard (now paved).

4. The Colonnades by the Signet Library
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How about a splendid afternoon tea completely surrounded by books? I've known a few guys who will absolutely LOVE the idea.

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5. Heart of Midlothian

When i first walked past the Church of St Giles, i noticed a Medieval heart shaped mosaic on the pavement. I thought it is just another pavement patterns but it turned out that it is something far more important to the Locals. It marks the entrance to the old Tollbooth, housing the court and municipal offices. Sometimes people still do spit into the Heart of Midlothian to show their contempt for the old authorities.

6. Mercat Cross
The Mercat Cross is used to read formal public proclamations and announcements even to this day.

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7. Mary King's Close
Located below the City Chambers building, Mary King's Close holds a dark past. It is used to imprison the sick during the years of plague outbreak.
Many claimed to have experienced some supernatural phenomena in the close, or did the harsh and eerie condition down there have messed with their minds?

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8. Paisley Close
Look up at the entrance and you will see a head sculpture of a little boy with the words "Heave awa' chaps, I'm no' dead yet".
The boy was Joseph Mclver who miraculously survived a fatal incidence which a building collapse due to rotten timber support. Those words are the repeated cry of his from under the rubble.

9. Museum of Childhood
Another free attraction on the Royal Mile. Its a good place to spend your time in case of bad weather. There is an wide exhibition on toys from around the world, it will certainly bring out the kid in you.

10. World's End
Once, a defensive Netherbow gateway stood on this location, seperating the Old Town from Canongate. I was told that he Canongate was NOT a part of Edinburgh before 1865, Its the "World's End" of the citizens of Edinburgh!

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