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Lets go from the start. Always start your one mile walk down from the Castle because going downhill is a lot easier than going uphill. Unless you want to burn more calories, of course. 

1. The Castle Esplanades.
The view from the Castle Esplanade is breathtaking, as it covers a panoramic view over the city. It is immediately in front of the Edinburgh Castle so it is a good place to take your photos of or with the castle. 
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The esplanades is an important venue for the "Edinburgh Military Tatoo", as a part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival held every August. Tickets for the Tattoo sell out very quickly, so if you are interested, book ahead! And, if you are not fond of crowded places, I advise you to avoid August. 

Interesting monuments to see: Grave of Ensign Ewart, Statue of Earl Haig on horseback.
2. Witches Well 

Between the late 15th century to 18th century about 300 women were persecuted and burnt because they were thought to be witches. Not far from the burning ground, a wall fountain with a small plague is built. 

3. Cannonball House

Here you will see a canon ball embeded in the building wall above the window.
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Many thought that the canon ball was initially meant for the Hollyrood Palace, but I was told that actually, it is a mark for gravitational height when the Castle Hill Reservoir got its first pipe water supply in 1676.

4. The Tartan Weaving Mill

If you are interested in knowing the process of Tartan production,I highly recommend you to check out the weaving mill. 

5. Camera Obscura

A fun stop, especially when it is pouring with rain. It is said to be Edinburgh's oldest visitor attraction, and now, you can enjoy "World Illumination" exhibition where you play with optical illusions. 
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The highlight: A series of mirrors form a "camera" that reflects the streets of Edinburgh onto a round projection screen.

6. Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre 
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The highlight: an interactive barrel ride down the history lane of Scotch Whisky. No children though!
Even if you are not going for the tour, just looking at the collection of whiskey they have will leave you in awe.
Part of the reason I like this place is due to the fact that I was told I look 15, right here.     

7. Witchery by the Castle.
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Welcome to Luxury! Good food and wine with a 16 century atmosphere: the Witchery Restaurant is an interesting sight and if you are willing to spend more and experience more, this is a place for you! Check out its boutique 5 star luxury hotel too!

8. Tolbooth Kirk
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Also known as "the Hub", its gothic spire rules the skyline of Edinburgh. It was constructed in 1845 to house the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, better known as the Victoria Hall then, Now, it is the home to the Edinburgh International Festival, and a popular venues for concerts and weddings. 

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Andrew Boland said...

visited Edinburgh in 1999 and took THREE photos (days of film in the camera) so im very jealous you have so many!