Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hokkaido 5 days Itinerary : Part 4 (Biei Furano)

Continued from day 1: Hakodate
Continued from day 2: Otaru
Continued from day 3: Arashikawa

Day 4 – Finally it is SUNNY!!

Thanks god because this is the day that I wouldn’t be happy if without the sunshine! Because I was going to visit all the places below!
First, the mysterious blue pond of Biei

And then, Shikisai no Oka. I bought this dreamy Lavender soft cream there! 350yen

If you go durng the correct season, you will get this. (Which is now <3 font="">

We moved on to the onother flower field, Tomita Furano 

Tomita farm is much more bigger, wider and looks more classy than shikisai. Haha!
I loved it here and love how the lavender soft cream looks better in this farm, so again, I bought an another one! 
Mix of lavender and melon <3 350yen="" b="">

Hokkaido Melon. So sweeeeeet!!! 300yen

I think I had too much ice for lunch. But it is Hokkaido! Worth it!
I bought quite a lot souvenir from the Tomita farm. 
For dinner, we had the top rank gourmet of Funaro. Curry omu-rice (Curry Omelet rice)
For one set it comes with salad and milk directly from the farm. 1250yen

Of course the taste was great, and one more thing I realized is the volume. Every food here is quite big in portion.  


Pension J-club
It located in a village, by the road side surrounded by paddy fields.
We stayed in a Japanese style room with frech windows. It was said that the starry sky in Furano is very beautiful and mesmerizing, I hated myself so much because I was too tired and fall asleep at around 8pm until the next morning. Please do not repeat my mistake if you happen to stay here too! :D

Total expense of the day: 5750yen. 
But I bought about 2000yen souvenir so it is ~8000yen for today. :)

Continue to day 5: Sapporo

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