Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hokkaido 5 days Itinerary : Part 5 (Sapporo)

Continued from day 1: Hakodate
Continued from day 2: Otaru
Continued from day 3: Arashikawa
Continued from day 4: Biei Furano

Day 5 – the last day

Don’t feel like wanna make it my last day…
It was Sapporo! The main town of Hokkaido.
First we had some simple breakfast in Biei and 2 hours driving took us to Sapporo.

We visited Shiroi Koibito Park in the morning. Shiroi Koibito Park is a fantastic space based on the ideals of deliciousness, fun and stories of sweets from a bygone era. Shiroi Koibito Factory is where the well-known Hokkaido confectionery is produced. There is a café in the park for us to enjoy the Ishiya original sweets too. Admission fees: 600yen

Soft cream again! This time is the mix flavor of shiroi koibito white and milk chocolate! 350yen and it was heaven!!

After visiting the park we went to the Sapporo beer factory.
Not to visit visit, but to have the famous Jinggiskan as our lunch! Basically just grill meat. I thought it should be lamb, but it tastes just like pork. Unexpectedly normal, but the price still cost us 2000yen per pax.  

Rest of the day we pent time to hunt for the souvenirs. Until night fall, I couldn’t resist the yellow curry’s seduction as I am literally in Sapporo! So we had yellow curry again, in “soup curry yellow” 

This place is famous with the yellow rice. I regretted a lot that I didn’t order more rice which made me spent extra 150yen for extra rice. Yet still not enough. Because it was So Good! 1250yen

Total expenses of the day = 4100yen.

          But at the end, we spent 50,000yen in total, as we need to pay tol fees, parking fees, petrol, and eat all the small stuffs and drinks all the way from the first day to last day. Still, for me it totally worths RM2400 because I enjoyed so much until even after a year, the memory is still as clear as it just happened yesterday.

          Lastly, took a walk around the station, and left my favourite town of all time. Hope you all enjoy travelling Hokkaido too!

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