Monday, July 24, 2017

Hokkaido 5 days Itinerary : Part 3 (Arashikawa)

Continued from day 1: Hakodate
Continued from day 2: Otaru

Day 3


Because I wanted to see northern animals so much! Came here for these <3 font="">
Arashikawa zoo entrance ticket:  820yen

They are sleeping standing up!

The northern wolves. They do howl from time to time. I was pretty amazed by their howling. 

You can experience watching the northern bear from the sphere as in the picture. The seal’s angle! 

If you are visiting during winter, you might be lucky enough to catch this! 
King penguins march in front of visitors!

Basically all food in Hokkaido are very delicious, as the ingredients like vegetables are fresh and from the local.but there is one  GOOD FOOD in Arashikawa which I can never forget until now. I was in love with that taste.
Onogiya chicken cuisine restaurant. Best chicken ever in the world! Texture of the chicken is very tender and juicy, with very little of seasoning you can taste a lot of tastiness. 

The price range is from 650yen for ala cart and 950yen for the set.  
It was pretty chilly that day and it was raining again. Later then I spent 600yen to get into an onsen (hot spring). The place is called Takasuna. There is no much things to do in Arashikawa, so you might want to do this too. 

Dinner – yellow curry (MUST TRY in Hokkaido)
The main branch is in Sapporo, but even in Arashikawa, we still waited for 1 hour to get to our turn.

I ordered “tender chicken curry roll” with 200g of rice, totally should have ordered more! Spiciness 4.  Vegetables of the season included cabbage, carrot, pumpkin, eggplant, sweet potato, with a seasoned egg and lotus. 1100yen
Very satisfying taste and highly recommended. Try it out in Arashikawa, or, later on in Sapporo!

We couldn’t find any Airbnb around Arashikawa, so we reserved a standard twin room from the Capital Hotel. 2500yen/pax.

6820yen for the day!

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