Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hokkaido 5 days Itinerary: Part 2 (Otaru)

Continue from Day 1: Hakodate

Day 2

Drive all the way from Hakodate, it takes about 4 hours to arrive at Otaru. 

Walk along the beautiful streets directing to the sea, and have some famous street food and sweets along the road, and soon enough, you will reach the Otaru Canal. 

panjyu 120yen

 baby castellan, 10 for 200yen

If you are here for real, do try the most recommended cheesecake of Hokkaido. People even said that it is the Best cheesecake in the whole universe! You can order a cake set with a piece of cheesecake + a drink at 820yen.

More walking around the town to find out a lot of art works and shops, where you can step in and stay for the whole day. They have wind chimes, musaic box, and a lot more!

Night fall. Simple dinner at random sushi restaurant. 1200yen
And then again otaru canal.

Otaru accommodation. 
We stayed at a Japanese style tatami house. It was pretty good but unfortunately, there is no more Airbnb in Otaru town now. But coachsurfing still available if you don’t mind. The house owner is Arai. 2000yen/pax.

4340yen for today <3 font="">

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