Thursday, February 11, 2010


Will have my very first driving lesson today...I'm having butterflIES in my stomach now. It will be the first time I get the chance to lay my hand to the stering wheel, and I don't have to "IMAGINE I am driving, slipping into the driver seat while my mom got out of the car to the sundry shop"(I used to do that a lot when I was little). But I heard a lot of stories about some to-be-drivers doing all sort of silly things, for example crashing into bushes, billboard...etc.And I honestly think I might too...I am not good at differentiating directions. Is it because I'm stupid???( but I don't think^^)
The other day, I was playing a so call "psychometrics" (is that the correct translation?) about "How Clever are You?". The result is....I was pretty much a stupid person. I use the word "was" because I don't think I am stupid now. I just felt stupid for taking the silly psychometrical I guess the test result was quite accurate at the moment. I was quite stupid for trying the test.Well, we'll do all type of silly things when we are bored, right? Because honestly, I really do think that we shouldn't rely on all those tests to to tell us who we really "How Attractive Are You To Boys?","What is your Dream job?", "What's your personality?", "Your Fate/Destiny".... One of my friends found them extremely useful and took them as a big deal (Speechless...) but sometimes I took them for some entertainment, I found some of them very amusing.^^

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