Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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I don't really like to decide my post's title...neither do the title for my stories,poems nor songs...so i made up my mind, by simply putting a smiley face there.Cute?Well, talk about cute.Today is a cute day indeed.Why?I woke up in the morning and found the hour needle pointing to eleven.Oh, my god.The main point is, my bunny missed its breakfast...luckily, its a heavy sleeper too. XD I used to think rabbits never sleep but...ah never mind...lets say I'm wrong. Anyway, Yee Min called. I'm quite surprised. She ask me to go tuition with her. Why not? I'm not doing anything besides "watering my mushrooms" (BORED).I went to tanjung. My teacher is like:" WOw, what are you girls doing here?You are supposed to enjoy your holidays!" I guess I want to learn something.In fact, I feel like an idiot goofing off at home while my friend are toiling hard in college!My teacher wonders, will the boys attend his class? Well, according to him, the boys promised him that. But, You know what? I think my teacher is hoping for the impossible. The boys? Don't count on them. They won't turn up, I swear!And, DING DING, we have a winner there: I'm right!
Yee Min told me she's thinking of taking up guitar lessons.It is gonna be fun, I thought, and I volunteered to accompany her.Yes, I have been looking foward to that. God, I love it when my fingers strum across the strings. This sends me humming...he's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only one who's got enough of me to break my heart.
Ya, talking about teardrops on my guitar, I remember when I watched the Grammy this morning.Taylor Swift, oh she's such a sweetheart. An impossible dream she said? Well, if she really do keep those good work up,nothing is impossible,right? It's endearing to see her accepting the awards in such humble way.You go girl!
And Lady Gaga. Erm, she's kinda outrageous...Well, it's good to see that she's brave to be eccentric.Judging by her fashion sense and all that...utterly contemporary. Watching her performance is like going on a rollercoster ride...remember the AMA'S? FIERCE...
Then Sasha took the centre stage. To me, R&B is the most tough genre songs to sing, but Beyonce conquered it, real good, like almost with ease. You've got to be kiddin', she's glamorous, rich, super talented...and whatelse? She got it all! My god, She's the reigning Queen of the music industry^^
All in all, terrific day!

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