Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Typical Wednesday

Wednesday= my brother's favourite day in the whole week. Why? According to him, it's double the FUN. He loves these shows: American Idol, Glee and America's Greatest Dog...back to back. Me? I don't have a specific favourite show. I just watch whatever's on the screen. Yes, I don't care what the show is about...just staring on the screen is satisfying.But I have to admit though, I like to watch reality shows and stuff, coz' people are more "normal". Maybe some success stories, yes, they are inspiring. CSI? Well, it's ok with me too. I seldom have the chance to analyse things, so by watching CSI, I've got the oppotunities.^^And when I'm at home alone sometimes, switching on the television, normally Channel V or MTV is a must. Or else I might start to imagine scary things again....  Oh my god, I have to stop this!!!Watching TV so much is eating up my time...but whatelse can I do??? I mother always says that's an alibi for being lazy...I guess so. And now, since I had made up my mind to take my piano examination,guitar and driving lessons, I will have a lesser time to waste.Erm...That's a good start, right?Well, to be honest, I prefer not having a driving licience.I'm frightened by the fact that we have to follow exactly all the rules on the road and to stay alerted always...Arr!!!!!I'm freaking out now....maybe I'll just hire a chauffeur. Am I out of my mind?? I don't have this much $money$!!!

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