Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A great night with FOOD~~~

These photos were taken after the annual cultural night( I don't even know if "cultural night" is the right translation....but you get me.)
We headed straight to my house for a BBQ and steambot feast right after our orchestra performance. When we reached my house, I still remember there was a big shed set up (you know, the kind for partying). But it's for the weeding going on in the neighbourhood.(Sorry for the burned out excitement guys!!!)Well, we still had our black and white performance dress on. So when we walk pass the wedding, there were people watching us, bewildered, some even wide-eyed as if they just saw a ghost.( Or they thought us were....nevermind...black and white,without any make-ups? That figures.)
Anyway, we had have a good time. Some even heard JiaSheng sing...that was a great great honour! :-)


Vivian said...

dedicate these to zhen yin^^

永恒 * 记忆 said...

谢谢你呀。。。!!! 那天可惜我那么早就回家了。。。又没歌听。。。““西瓜””也没吃完就回了!!!那晚真的很开心。。。最好笑是我们以为你搭帐篷欢迎我们呢。。。走过时,很多人看。。。很paiseh一下的。。。很好的回忆!!!下次有机会再聚聚吧。。。

Vivian said...

Yeah, how about during CNY???