Sunday, February 28, 2010

!! and !

Judging by the so-called progress I made these past few weeks, it’s not a tough task to predict my result for my on-coming piano exam. First, sight-reading, for my, is not a pretty sight, at all. However,  I kinda have a “clever” idea. It is to perform the rhythm but be oblivious of the notes. Sure, by pressing whatever notes in whatever key I might come out with (If the score is not that tough, I might be able to follow some of the correct notes) , I can give my full attention to the rhythm. ( Unless the rhythm is difficult…then, I will be dead meat.) At least I will get to pass this part to the test, maybe with the most awful mark… but who cares? It’s consider pass, anyway. And then, there is Debussy. My god, why he had to create all those beautiful but deadly music?? Okay, I must confess. His music is not that difficult to memorize, it’s the notes that mess me up. C’mon! All those octave parts are killing me! (Let’s be more specific They are killing my baby hands!) I can’t play them with ease like my brother do. Why can’t he? He has extremely long fingers…at least a lot longer than mine. But he’s like never into piano. Well, he don’t care much. Practicing is not his thing but maybe he’s sight-reading is better, he just need to practice for let’s say 1-2 hours before attending class and he’s good to go. Again, like a LEG said, the world is not fair. Damn, I hate those words! Well, he can’t play as fast as I could, we are even now.^^ So, the world is actually quite fair. Hear that? Mr. LEG? And my piano teacher actually has baby hands as mine too, and she can play all the notes precisely, so, so can I!!! I believe I can “fly”! (completely out of topic…) And then there are two more things bugging me: sing the lower part and sight-singing. I know what notes I should be singing but when I sing it out, its like… It sounds weird, like it doesn’t fit in well, maybe its because I don’t have a great voice? Clearly, the aural test is not about singing, so you don’t have to possess any terrific vocal..dah~ even if your voice cracks you will still make it through. However, it set me thinking. My voice is not bad at all, in fact I had won a few prizes for singing before. I never use to be nervous of afraid to go up the stage and sing out loud. But now, it’s a different story. I know I have lost my confidence in doing that after a terrible incidence back in my primary school day. Now my voice often crack under pressure. But in form 3, I manage to get back on stage again thanks to my good friends, Grace and TzeHoon. Haha, that was really really fun..^^ thanks guys! I also can’t explain one thing in particular. I was once a good racer, I could really run. But after primary school, I lost all my strength. Even a 100 meter run is torturing me. Why? What could be the problem? I had changed that much!   

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