Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping spree?

I don't like shopping much. Especially when you already keep on walking for like 4-5 hours and still haven't got anything...It's frustrating. Though, I like to reward myself by buying some really pretty outfits. Yeah, I like shoes very much: from casual flat to glam stilettoes, you name it, I like it.Especially shoes with bright colors,coz' don't you get it? "An electric hue can amp up a look". But, the thing is I am like always destined to wear flats. Coz I may be hobbled by discomfort if I actually wore sky-high sandals or even stilettoes... Sometimes if I wanted height, I'll go for wedges. High heels? That day I just found an incredible pair of high heels at...KLCC? Sunway Pyramid? Midvalley? Garden or Timesquare? I completely forgot. Very exquisite.I like it so...much but have to put it back to the rack I found them. Can you believe it? It's almost RM400 a pair.( It's Charles & Keith.) Maybe some of you think RM 400 is indeed affortable, hey, I recommend this store: Charles & Keith. And for friends that can't really afford them, ( me, for example)you guys can walk in the store to have some fun too...just look at the designs and say "Wow!", then take a look at the price tags and say "Ouch!". But at least, I left the store will a pair of wedges( totally affortable),not empty handed, thank God!and I can't wait to put them on on CNY...
But, I must be honest: Maybe the shoes really worth that much because they are really terrific...I don't know what you all think of them, but I think they are really really great for us( people who is not super rich but still can afford some expensive stuff). I even saw a "Jimmy Choo's" store at KLCC. You know? JImmy Choo? ( how can you not know??!!)I disn't really enter it(might get heart attack)...just took a peep though the window.The stuff in there are great too, frankly, but I have no idea who (other than actress and artists) want to wear them to work and risk the possibility of having a stain on them. The prices are...( lets just skip that part.) However, I am not attending any major events like Oscars or Grammys ( like ...that will ever happen...), So I don't have to be glamorous and put some glitters on... I figures that that type of shoes and bags are classy, but not needed. I better stick to my comfy sneakers and stuff.

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