Monday, February 15, 2010

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Today is Chu Yi( I mean yesterday...), the first day of Chinese New Year (Who doesn't know that?) and don't forget Valentine day.Personally, I have nothing to do with Valentine... I don't have a boyfriend and I think that's a really good thing.I get to spend my precious new year time with my family, plus, who needs a boyfriend?=.= I'm not saying this because I feel bitter for not having one, but one of my buddy commented on this"boyfriend" subject by saying "Having a boyfriend makes you feel beautiful." And I felt like intervening (Of course I didn't, that will be totally rude^^):"Seriously, who needs a boyfriend to prove that you are beautiful/attractive? Girl, lets have some confidence!"
Anyway, I'll skip that part. I really think that I, myself, don't have many friends, but believe me or not, I'm the kind of girl who love to make friends...but somehow I face some problem with ice breaking. I know I'm not an interesting person, not the one that people lay their eyes on and say "Wow, I wanna know her/him" But at least, I tried to be friend. My point is, I sent out many, nearly 30+ sms wishing people happy new year and I only got 6 replies...Its akward(but I really don't know why I felt that way...I mean, I had been through that before, like,years ). Normally, I don't care about that: no matter people wish you happiness or not, you still get to spend your New Year meaningfully, right? Erm...I sent out a whole bunch of sms because I don't like the feeling of being forgotten, and I don't want people to feel that way too. No matter You're my good friend, friends,or even you hate me, or think that I'm wierd...what's the difference?

All in all, today is fun and full of surprises.

Again, Happy Chinese New Year to all!^^

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