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Las Vegas: 20 Free things you must NOT miss in Vegas

In Las Vegas, to sin or not to sin, is up to you. These are the 20 FREE things you can do if you choose not to:

1. Masquerade in the Sky @ Rio

starting from 7 p.m. on weekend, the hourly carnival-like parade never should be missed!

2. Public Artwork 

Murals, light art, photography and more! All Free!

3. A visit to Crystals, Vegas's high-end mall

Come to see the work of light artist James Turrell, and the Turrell's Akhob—an enormous permanent installation inside the Louis Vuitton Maison flagship.

4. Put your hand on the paw of "Lucky Cat" @ Cosmopolitan

They say it will pass you great luck and fortune if you touch the paw. There is more to this. *wink*

5. Fountain show @ Bellagio

image via tripadvisor
I managed to catch the last fountain light show featuring USA National Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner". I found myself returning to the Bellagio for more.

6. Skylit conservatory @ Bellagio

It offers a leisure, calming free walk with countless surprises through anytime of year. It gets even better if you visit during holidays season: Christmas, Chinese New Year.

7. Talk with statues in Caesar's Palace 

In "Fall of Atlantis" show's, statues will be talking to each other. Even if you find this creepy, Caesar is arguably the most beautiful hotel on the Strip. Come for the photos opportunities!

8. A midnight museum

The Polaroid Fotobar is open until midnight, and sometimes until 2 a.m.!

9. Welcome to Las Vegas! Enjoy!

On the south end of the Strip, there is a "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, with tourist queuing up for photos.

10. Downtown Container Park

A unique park made entirely of shipping containers it is! Look up online for free events in the park!

11. Vintage neon lights show @ Fermont street.

Me watching the Light show.
photo credits to Matt Fonceca
The free Viva Vision light shows at Fremont Street Experience are a must-see in Las Vegas!

12. Announce your weight to the world @ Heart Attack's Grill

Weight yourself at Fermont street Heart Attack's Grill! If you exceed the "weight-limit", you get free food!

13. The vibes @ Fermont Street

When I was on the strip, I don't really get the "Las Vegas" feeling I expected. Something is missing from the puzzle and I found that small center piece at the "Old" Strip. Come here to catch a concert! People watching (seriously interesting!) Street performance! Fly over the streets! There are so much to do and see! For me, this is the true "Las Vegas".

14. Volcano Show @ The Mirage

Come to witness the terrific volcano "eruptions" show in front of the Mirage! The hourly show is run from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

15. Cirque du Soleil @ MGM Grand

"Cirque du Soleil shows are only free in your dreams." Well, your dreams might just come true: KA Theatre in MGM Grand opens its door to public on Tuesdays!

16. Free Chocolate

My "Kisses".
There are a few chocolate store on the strip. I got some "Kisses" from Hershey's Chocolate World!

17. World-Class Circus Acts @ Circus Circus

Shows start from 11am, repeating every half-hour. Come to watch these death-defying stunts performed by acrobats and unicyclist high above the casino floor! Learn some juggling by observing up close.

18. I Lost My M in Vegas @ M&M World

This is a 3–D movie staring Red and Yellow. Shown daily.

19. A dip in the pool 

"Oasis" pool @ Luxor.
Technically a free thing to do if you stay overnight in any hotel! A dip in the pool helps you to "cool down" in this big oven (Las Vegas in Summer.)

20. Red Rock Canyon

This canyon is located on the western edge of the Las Vegas city limits. If you are a fan of rock climbing, this activity is possible year-round. It is "Free" if you have a park pass.

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This post is based on my personal experience. 
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