Thursday, January 21, 2016

Road Trip: Visiting Canyonland National Park

photo credits to Matt 
Since the Canyonland National Park is a short drive from the Arches, I thought it would be a great idea to check this one out too. I've heard some good thing about this National Park: beautiful, rugged and underrated , and everything I was looking for.

How did we do it?

We visited one of the Park District's Visitor Center first, to have an overview of the park. We were the first to reach the National Park (it was early!) and the rangers did a good job providing us some maps, explaining the various choices of trails available. We decided to take on one of the shortest and fairly easy hiking trail with maximum shades. Then we continued on the scenic paved road to visit as many view points as we can.

the gang.

How can you do it?

Self-guided Tour:
Turn outs and viewpoints are clearly marked. Roads are mostly paved and flat.
The "Needles" area is unsuitable for bikes due to deep sand and water. Other than that, remain on designated road and enjoy as much as you can!
Jessica and I
The Maze is a cool backpacking destination, if you wish to have the whole site all to yourself! Many of the trails in all 3 districts are marked with cairns (small rock piles), so if you see one, do not mess it up!
Horseback Riding: 
Pack and saddle stock are allowed on all backcountry roads.
Ranger-led Programs:
An educational way to visit the national park! Activities are offered daily, spring through fall.
Cataract Canyon contains fourteen miles of rapids, suitable for rafting.
Permits are required for all overnight trips, early reservation is highly recommended. Reservation opens on the 2nd Monday in July for the next calendar year.
Guided Tours:
Tour the national park with a knowledgeable guide who will tell you all about the landscape, rock formations, flora and fauna.
Having some of the darkest night skies in USA, the Canyonland National Park is one of the best stargazing destinations!
Chris doing his spiderman stunt.

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This post is based on my personal experience.
Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations with me by commenting below!

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