Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monument Valley: 7 different ways to get that Wild West vibe

Honestly I am not a movie-buff either. But, one could never fail to recognize the "Monument Valley" as it is featured in so many of them, to name a few: "Transformers","The Lone Ranger","Forrest Gump","Doctor Who".

1. 17-Mile Loop Drive

This is a free self-guided tour that takes you to all famous spots within 3 hours. There are clear signs for every scenic turn-out to make sure you do not miss any photo opportunities.
Interesting stops include the "mile 13" where Forrest Gump ended his cross-country run, "Mittens and Merrick" Butte, John Ford point, Mexican Hat. There will be some stray dogs roaming around the park and sometimes follow your car. Be careful not to run them over!
** For those who haven't watch the Inspirational movie "Forrest Gump", I urge everyone of you to watch it.

2. Kick back and relax at The View

Book into a room at "The View" Hotel located near the entrance, or order a Navajo fried bread in their restaurant offering a full spectacular view of the Monument Valley!

3. Horseback Riding

I remember when we were still kids, my brothers and I liked to dress up like cowboys. It was so cool back then and it's cool even now! They have a few options to choose from, you can take one from the visitor center. Your tour guide will take you to your horse.

4. Hot Air Balloon

Such a luxurious way to see the Monument Valley while your Navajo guide tells you the legends of their people! I'd like to do this in the future and review it first hand! However, it is only available from May 1st through October 31st.

5. Navajo Guided-tour

Get off the beaten-path with a knowledgeable native tour guide. This is one of your best bet if you wanna venture into those restricted areas of Lower Monument Valley, Mystery Valley, Tear Drop Arch and Hunts Mesa.

6. Wildcat Trail

Get as close as you can to the "Mitten." This trail brings you around the base of the West Mitten Butte, you can get that impressive photos from right below it. Bring plenty of water and a mask in case it gets way too dusty.

7. Highway 163

If you are not doing the 17- mile loop drive and want to do it "Budget-friendly", drive on Highway 163 to catch a glimpse of the Monument Valley. It is free, and there is no dirt- road!

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