Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Road Trip: A Rough Guide to Yosemite National Park


Sleep recommendations: 

  • The Ahwahnee for those who are looking for luxurious comfortable rooms.
  • Lodge at the Falls and Curry Village are both popular in-park lodging. 
  • Cabin and RV Campground for a whole new experience!
  • Backpackers Campsite for those who have a tent and sleeping bag.

Eats recommendations:

  • Picnic (bring your own food and get a Bear Container in Wilderness Permit Center)
  • Pizza Patio in Curry Village
  • Degnan's Deli

Activity recommendations: 

  • Self-guided tourDriving is the most flexible way. Simply pick up a map from the visitor center and explore Yosemite at your own pace!
  • ToursIf you are unwilling to drive, bus tours are available year-round. Choices range from 2-hours to a full day tour.
  • BikingTake advantage of the 12 miles- paved bike paths available in Yosemite Valley.
  • Hiking/ Backpacking
    A wilderness permit has to be obtained before any backpacking activities.
  • Mule/ Horseback Riding One of the very rewarding tour is to the Mirror Lake, which you will be greeted with this fantastic view at the end of your ride! (*seasonal)
image via Flickr
  • Rock ClimbingThere are a lot of climbs to attempt! Go for a multi-day climb if that is what interests you the most.  
  • Birdwatching Some interesting species to see include the great gray owl, spotted owl, peregrine falcon, pileated woodpecker, and northern goshawk.
  • Water ActivitiesSwimming, rafting, boating, fishing... there are so much to do in Yosemite!
  • Ranger and Interpretive ProgramsLearn about Yosemite with a ranger while walking around appreciating marvelous scenery.  

Friendly Advice:

1. Do not rely on your cellphone GPS. Get a traditional map.
2. If you plan to bring your own food, get a Bear Container from the Permit Center!
3. Make time to do a hike!
4. Reserve a campground if you are planning on RV camping or cabin stay.
5. Read about Bear encounters and how to avoid it!

Thank You for Reading! 
This post is based on my opinion + personal experience. 
 If you have more advices, feel free to share it with us by commenting below!

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