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Road Trip: Bryce Canyon National Park

ig: @littlemisshappyfeet
The moment you enter the Park, you will be given a map of the National Park. Now, it is your choice to visit the visitor center first or to drive straight onto the Scenic Driveway. If you are here for a couple of days, make the visitor center your first stop to find out about Hiking trails and activity offered.

We were here for the sunset and stargazing. With this on our mind, we drove to the first viewpoint with the help of the Bryce National Park Map. The Map is well defined and easy to follow.

Sunset Point

Despite the name, This scenic viewpoint offers spectacular views of the canyons anytime of the day. I guess it is named "sunset point" because of the amazing colours during sunset view, but really, it offers so much more than just a sunset view. To get here, take a short walk from the paved car park, and you will be greeted by some beautiful pines along the rim. If you have time, take the Navajo loop trail in to the heart of the canyon.

Dinner time! 

Photo credit: Matt Fonceca
As I always tell my friends, happiness can be found in little things, and it will probably appear when you're not looking. One of the funniest moments (and a messy one) happened on the road, was the need to dig into our melted trail-mix with a fork. It obviously happened due to overheating at the back of the car. And guess what, we bought a new packet and made them melt again, only this time, on purpose.

Bryce Point

Ig: @littlemisshappyfeet
During sunset, the beautiful light changes the colours of the hoodoos. Watching this colour transition was the highlight of the day. We stayed on the rim long enough for the moon to go down. Star gazing in Bryce Canyon is one of the best experience. First star spotted, Jupiter!

No photo available, I do not own an DSLR, sadly. 

Us killing time while waiting for the sunset.
The boys were bored.

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