Monday, January 4, 2016

Road Trip in USA: 7 Hauntingly beautiful scenic route
It’s road trip season! Since I am in the states now, I won’t miss this opportunity to experience the classic American pastime. The only problem is: Where to go?

There are a lot of Road Trip routes in America, considering the size of the country, this is not surprising. Here are 7 road-trips which interest me, a lot.

1. Pacific Coast Highway, San Francisco to Santa Barbara.

This seems like a convenient road trip to choose, since I will be in San Francisco anyway. But I still have time, so let’s just take some time looking at other options.

What wows me: Big Sur, Carmel-by-the-sea, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz Broadway, Solvang.
What was holding me back: I think October is the best time to do this (a chance to see the biggest pumpkins). This trip might not be as enjoyable as I thought (I might be wrong).

2. Coastal Washington-Oregon Road Trip 

I never knew, Oregon has so much to offer. The scenery is out of this world, Looking at all these photos, I am out of words.
Cape Perpetua. pinterest
Fort Steven State Park.

What wows me: Olympic National Park, Cape Perpetua, Cape Arago, Bandon, Fort Steven State Park, Canon Beach
What was holding me back: Oregon was not in my initial plans. If only I knew earlier.

3. Columbia River Scenic Highway, Troutdale to Dalles.

Waterfalls and mountain views are so my kinda thing. Oregon is full of surprises!
painted hills. pinterest
What wows me: Multnomah Falls, Oneonta Gorge, Painted hills (it’s out of the way but it is so surreal, I must reach this place.)
What was holding me back: Oregon was not in my initial plans. If only I knew earlier.

4. Route 66, Illinois to California

They say driving on Route 66 is like time travelling into the era of neon signs and mom-and-pop diners. For me, the slightest thought of road-tripping Route 66 sent me singing “Life is a highway”! Especially love to check out the town of Seligman in Arizona. Hope I’ll meet the “Cars”.
courtesy of
image via pinterest
What wows me: Santa Monica Piers, Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, Seligman, Cadillac Ranch.
What was holding me back: The trip takes a little too long, and I don’t wish to rush it.

5. Idaho to Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is a reason good enough to make it into my Bucket list. Don’t you think so too?
courtesy of
courtesy of wyoming tourism
What Wows me:  Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Idaho Falls, Devil’s Tower
What was holding me back: Flight into Jackson Airport was way too expensive.

6. Mighty 5 Road Trip,  Utah

The Arches and Bryce Canyon National Park was in my bucket list since forever. Now that I found out about the other 3, they are going straight into the list.
image via wikipedia
What wows me: All 5! Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion.
What was holding me back: Nothing! I’m so gonna elevate my life (#LifeElevated) !

7. Northern Arizona Road trip

The Grand Canyon is so worldwide famous ,I don’t even have to tell you why I include this in the list.
image via wikipedia
What wows me: Grand Canyon, the wave, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon
What was holding me back: If there were anything holding me back, I am cutting it loose. I’m doing it for sure.

Thank You for Reading! 
This post is based solely on my opinion or personal experience. 
Now, how about you? What is your favorite Road Trip in the USA?

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