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ARIZONA: 11 different ways to experience the MAGIC in Grand Canyon

photo credit to Matt Fonceca
Excited to tick the Grand Canyon off your bucket list? Not so fast! Planning is crucial for the most memorable trip of the summer, and you won't want to mess things up! Here is a list of "11 different ways to see Grand Canyon" to help you with the planning.

1. Grand Canyon Railway 
courtesy to Grand Canyon Railway

For your maximum enjoyment (and if Budget allows), reserve a Vacation package for 1-3 days including a luxurious stay at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel.
The train departs daily at 9:30 a.m. from the historic Williams Depot after a cowboy show at the depot. The train is scheduled to reach South Rim depot on 11.45am, near the world-famous El Tovar Hotel.

2. Bus Tours 

Bus tours Operated by Xanterra Parks and Resorts allow one to experience the beauty of the canyon with a knowledgeable guide! There are plenty of in-park tours to choose from. History buff can op to take a historic half-day tour riding in a turn-of-the-century steam train.

3. Hiking the Canyon

Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to take in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. You can choose to hike along the rim trail as a less strenuous option, or challenge the popular Bright Angel Trail.

4. Driving through the scenic route

photo credit to Matt Fonceca
View points of Grand Canyon like Lipan and Moran are accessible by car year-round. Driving to the Canyon definitely gives you the most flexibility. However, it is impossible to cover all rims in one day even that you have a car.

5. Take a Free Park shuttle

There is public transportation in and around South Rim Village. Yes there is. There are 3 (or 4?) routes all together so it is advisable that you get a map and carefully plan out which view points are you gonna stop at... And did I mention that it is FREE?

6. Jeep Tour

If you decided on a Jeep Tour, take a "Sunset tour"! Why? because not only it offers an off-road adventures at the Grand Canyon, you get to tick "Sunset in Grand Canyon" off your bucket list! Learn about flora and fauna along the way.

7. Helicopter Tour

I am not sure if it is the best way, but I've seen people book a helicopter tour with 50% discount in Las Vegas. However, half price or not, it is most likely still the most expensive activity around. I'd say will certainly be a cool once-in-a-lifetime moment, but before I earn my first few buckets of gold, I'll put this plan off to later .

8. Sky Walk/ West Rim

courtesy of grand canyon west
For it being the closest to Las Vegas, many tourists from the Sin-City would most probably be heading towards the West Rim. The rim features a Sky Walk: a glass bridge built over the grand canyon. If you are afraid of height, this is definitely not for you.

9. Mule Ride

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If you call yourself fearless, take the 2-day Phantom Ranch ride. It is scary but at the same time, a top notch experience. The scariest part is when you are at the edge of the cliff or when you are going down hill. You just have to trust your mule, and pray. A very strict rule: If you weight more than 200lb, you will not be allowed to ride the mules. No exceptions.

10. Rafting the Canyon

If you have limited time, do the lower half of the Grand Canyon. Take in the splendor of the canyon with a different perspective.

11. Biking the Canyon

Take a bike tour with Bright Angel Bicycles, suitable for all ages. The Hermit Rest Tour is one of the best. Departing from 9.30am, the route consist of mostly down hill paved road. You won't be disappointed with all the panoramic views of the canyon from different view points. One word: Magnificent.

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Special thanks to Kimberly Todd from Arizona Tourism Office for making this entry possible.
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