Saturday, April 23, 2016

5 Daytrips from Bangkok You Should Never Miss!

Renowned for its ornate shrines, sophisticated skyline and vibrant street life, Bangkok is voted as the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. Looking at the well-known tourist trails widely available throughout the internet, a visit to Bangkok will undoubtedly be thrilling as new experiences pour in. But for those who visit Bangkok repeatedly, perhaps you had done all the touristy and the non-touristy and demand to have some different taste of the area.
Well, head out for some fresh country air, sign up for a Day trip to nearby provinces. Your Bangkok experience doesn’t have to be all city! (Apart from the obligated food hunt and shopping of course!)

1.       Sunflower field, Wang Muang, Saraburi. 

       Tips: Best timing to capture the best scene is right after sunrise!
                For better pictures, turn off the flash to avoid over exposure.

2.       Farm Chokchai 

Unfortunately all tours is in Thai, it might disappoint you for not being able to understand the explanation done. But at the same time, that shows you how undiscovered and underrated this place is!

       Recommendations: Chokchai steak burger
                                       Chokchai Steak House 
                                           - for the juicy steak!

3.       Palio Piazza Khao Yai

      This picturesque Village is known as "The Italy of Thailand".
      Tips: Just slow down and enjoy.
Photos taken from google image.

4.       Granmonte Vineyard, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima.

    Recommendation: 1. Experience the Vineyard homestay 
                                     2. Have dinner/Brunch in Vine Cotto Restaurant 
                                    3.  Try their 100 % Grape juice
                                    4.  Participate in their wine testing session!

1. Best time to visit: February. Grape picking season 
2. Instead of sitting in the mini truck or van, it's better for you to walk and enjoy the view! 
Fun facts: In front of every row of grapes, flowers are planted to keep insects distracted.

5.       Jim Thompson Farm, Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima. 

      There are a total of 5 stations in this farm: Time flies when you visit this gem!
1st station: Cosmo field U-pick garden.
2nd station: pumpkin and maize field.
 3rd station: Isan village.
4th station: weaving village.
5th station: the Jim Market.
Personal favorite station: Pumpkin field and Maize. This place is so unreal!

Tips: This farm is only opened to public for 4 weeks per year: December to January. Remember to check! 

So, Bangkok lovers, If you ever found yourself in Bangkok again, try GOING OUT to experience more of Thailand!

***Post above are based on my own experience and opinion. Experience varies.
Photos and idea contributed by Alvira Yeoh from (From A to Y). Click on the link to read more from her!

 What are your favorite day trips from Bangkok? Share in the comments below!


GN said...

I am going to Thailand in August. A good reference for my trip.
Thanks to Miss Happy Feet and Zieh Yin Yeoh.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the tips. i was thinking what to do next week. ive been to bangkok a dozen times for business. i hope you can do some post on the food? theres too much variety i dont know what to start with.