Monday, April 25, 2016


When I first reached Dublin, I was thrilled to meet my friends studying in Dublin for Dinner. It was Raymond who suggested the O’Neill’s Bar over a phone call. Best decision EVER.

It is situated in the historic heart of Dublin, a stone throw away from almost all attractions around: Trinity College, Grafton Street, Temple bar…. It is fairly easy to find (Although I was just following Lydia, not really paying attention to the surrounding).

It is a Cafeteria style restaurant. Matt picked up some menu at the counter and we proceed upstairs where there are many different dining rooms to dine in, all very interesting. (try to walk to the far end and you will get a view of the church next door.)
After deciding on our choice of meal, we went downstairs, get a tray, pick an entree then add vegetables on to the plate.

I’ve tried: Irish Beef and Guinness Stew
Irish Beef Braised in Guinness and Slow Cooked with Potatoes, Celery, Carrots and Thyme

Cost: 12 Euro.

Will I recommend it? Definitely! And I will certainly be back again.
Reason: The food was amazingly good, the portion was ENORMOUS, and we were in luck to watch an Irish stepdance battle (Our table was right in front of the stage).
We continued to enjoy the live traditional Irish Music afterwards until we finally decided to call it a night.

All above images taken from O'Neill's website

The next day when I was waiting for the Paddywagon Tour Bus by the Molly Malone statue, there was it again, the "O'Neill's Pub" right across the street!

Address: 2 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2 , Ireland

For bookings and reservation enquiries it's best to contact them by telephone.
Tel: (01) 679-3656
Fax: (01) 679-0689

Opening Hours
Monday – Thursday   8.00am to 11.30pm
Friday                         8.00am to 12.30am
Saturday                     9.30am to 12.30am

Sunday                       8.00am to 11.00pm

Website: O'Neill's 

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