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Built between 1220 and 1260, this building left from the Medieval city of Dublin is the national cathedral of the Irish Church. This is the largest church in Ireland, built in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, St Patrick’s, who used to baptized converts to Christianity in 1191. The writer and satirist, Jonathan Swift was the Dean of Saint Patrick's from 1713 – 1745.

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the only church singing two services per day.
Times of Services:
Mon - Fri: Matins 9am - 9.30am (School term time)
                  Evensong 17.30 - 18.00
                  Eucharist 11.05 (Wed & Thurs)
Saturday:   Eucharist 11.05
Sunday:     Eucharist 8.30am, Matins 11.15am, Evensong 15.15pm

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm,
Saturday 9am-6pm (November-February 9am-5pm),
Sunday split opening times

Closes on:
18th December 11.30 – 14.30,
25th December from 13.00,
26th December closed

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Admission: Adults €5.50, seniors & students €5.50, group rates available

Address: St. Patrick's Close, Dublin 8

Bus: 49, 54A, 151, 27, 56A, 77A, 150

Official site: St. Patrick's Cathedral

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