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Travel Essentials: Inflight Beauty Tips

Sunrise on the flight from Dublin to Glasgow. Ryan Air. IG: @littlemisshappyfeet
Sure you'll want to look fresh, well-rested and stunning during your travels, especially when your special one is going to pick you up from the airport! Here are some of my inflight beauty tips to help you look fresh and dewy for your big entrance. 

The biggest enemy— Pimples 

Some times our schedule can be hectic. All those overnight Megabus rides save you a few pounds but at the same time, they take a toil on your body. It is clearly shown on your face: all those new pimples! 
Solution: Aspirin. 
I am sure you have these babies in your essential travel kit. Just pop one out and crush it, combine it with club soda to make a paste, then dab some onto the pimples. 

Eye Puffiness

Sleep deprivation is real, and it certainly is not a pretty sight. 
Solution: Ice your eyes. 
Request some ice cubes from your flight attendant, put one in a small plastic bag and rest it over your lids for a few minutes. 

Removing makeup

You might be unwilling to go to the restroom on-board to remove your makeup but it is preferable to go makeup-free, especially on long haul flight. The restroom is packed with all kinds of bacteria, virus and God-knows-what-else… There are 2 ways to avoid going in just to remove your makeup. 
Solution: 1. Remove before getting on the plane
                 2. Makeup removal wipes. 
This product is a godsend. Now you can remove your makeup in your own seat! No more lazy excuses! 

Dry skin (face)

Air travel is notoriously dehydrating. It is both irritating and alarming to see scalings on your face! And so you thought: How can anyone expect me to look fresh when I get off this plane? Well think about it this way: 10+ hours on a plane, apart from back-to-back movies and occasional write-ups on your career goals, you have all the time in the world for a pampering beauty session. 
Solution: Sheet Mask
Recommended product: Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack 
The “donkeys” is life, it is something I can never travel without. Sheet mask is a time-efficient, easy to use solution to all my skin problems. 20 minutes of pampering mask session makes all the difference: you can really see the instant boost of radiance. The Healing mask is highly recommended after long sunlight exposure, it also minimizes pores and decrease chances of pimples. The aqua mask is my favorite, giving an intensive hydrating effect. 

Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack. IG: @littlemisshappyfeet

Dry skin (body)

Solution: Body lotion (Any unscented products) 
Moisturize your body before getting dressed to prevent nasty cracks on your skin! 

Dry lips

Want to prevent dry and chapped lips? Read on! 
Solution: Chapstick/ Lip Balm
Recommended product: Tolly Moly
Cute, easy to apply and small enough to travel with. Tony Moly is an incredible Korean brand that incorporate natural Shea butter into the lip balms. Containing vitamin A , E, and other healing properties, Shea butter is the best friend for our skin. When I think cute and useful birthday presents for my girls, I always think Tony Moly. 

I have quite a collection of Tony Molly's, but this is what I am using right now!
Blueberry and peach. @littlemisshappyfeet

Dry eyes

Solution: Lubricating eye drop
Although it is a big Nono to wear contact lens on long haul flights, it is acceptable to have them on for shorter journeys. However, please have a lubricating eye drop in your bag. You can thank me later. 

Essential Makeup kit

You’ll need to reapply your makeup right before touch down. 
Recommended product: Lancome Travel Set
It is the size of a small clutch, a fairly trendy one! It is portable, convenient, of great quality, and basically contain everything you’ll need: shimmering eyeshadow, nude color, mascara, blusher… you name it! However, I am informed that it is only available in airport duty free shops or on board. 

Stay hydrated!

Last but not least, perhaps the most important tips of all, Drink a lot of water! 

And of course, wear your confidence!

You are beautiful. So put on the brightest smile and go explore the world! Happy travels!

Photo credits: Chan Jun Win

Thank You for Reading! 
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