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Sandwitched between St.Stephen Green and Trinity College, is the forever EcLEcTic Grafton Street! The street is always buzzing with energy, arguably the most popular shopping location in Dublin.
Despite the wide range of interesting boutiques, jewellers, department stores and cafes which might send you into shopping spree, the Grafton Street is said to be the fifth most expensive main shopping street in the world, at €5,621/m²/year. 

However, don’t be despair, there is a lot more to do in Grafton street rather than just shopping!  It is a great place to watch some street performances. Grafton Street attracts street buskers from all around the world, from traditional fiddle players to stand-up comedian. Famous ex- buskers of Grafton Street includes Glen Hansard and Keywest.

Busker Photograph by Stefano Amantini/Atlantide
The atmosphere is especially great during Christmas time! Window shopping, people watching, listening to great music..... No rush! Just take it all in! 

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Website: Grafton Street 

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Airin said...

I like listening to Grafton Street by DIDO. Take a listen...

Miss HappyFeet said...

I agree! Thanks for recommending the song! It is quite a sad one though. :'(

Andrew said...

what is that fascinating instrument the lady in beret is playing???

Miss HappyFeet said...

Andrew, it is a harp taken from a different angle. =)