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KOREA: Jinhae Specialty -- Cherry Blossom and Bread

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Early April is the time when the Cherry Blossom trees will come into full bloom and covered the whole city in a color of pinkish white. There are a lot of Spring festival events nationwide, but Jinhae has long been known to host the best.

Attending the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is something to brag about as the area is famous for having the world's largest number of cherry blossoms trees, lining every single street. The spring festival in Jinhae attracts millions of tourist annually to witness the beauty of the full bloomed flower. However the flower has a very short life span, lasting only a week or so.

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Famed of its specialty, the cherry blossom bread(벚꽃빵), A lot of people would queue up at some street stall in Jinhae during the festival,  for more than 30 minutes, just to get their hands on this must-eat delicacy. Filled with adzuki beans paste with a kick of Cherry Blossom extract, it is a delightful treat which is not too sweet and smells like the cherry Blossom. And actually, you can purchase the bread throughout the year, regardless of season (skipping the long line during the festival).

From Seoul to Jinhae: 3-4 hours away,
take an express bus of train.
From Busan to Jinhae: 1 hour away,
a bus trip is most convenient.

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