Sunday, December 27, 2015

Korea: My 5 encounters with Cakes, cupcakes and Macarons.

This is not a guide, it is more of a sharing. I want to know more from you too! Kindly comment below to help me discover more worthy bakeries/ cafes in Seoul!

1. LINE Friends Flagship Store and Cafe

image from Garosugil Flagship store.
The Japan originated LINE app is one of my favourite messaging app to use JUST because of all those cute characters. If you are a LINE user and crazy about the LINE stickers too, don’t miss the LINE Friends Cafe in Garosugil! 


image from SMTOWN
Expensive but I couldn’t resist… Cupcakes at 4th Floor: "SMTOWN LIVErary Cafe" are just exquisite!

3. The Menagerie

image from Instagram @dance99w
Do not doubt my judgement when I say it is arguably the best cupcake shop in all of Seoul!!! Although those cupcakes are very cute, I am still very much sober.

4. Crystal Water Droplet Rice Cake

image from rocketnews24
Is this just a clear drop of water? No, listen to me, you’ve got to try this incredible dessert in Seoul—Hands down the most unique dessert I’ve encounter! It’s called the “mizu shingen mochi”, originally created in Japan. Unfortunately during my last trip to Japan, I did not have a clue about it’s existence. Therefore, I oath to try it in Korea instead.

5. Monster Cupcake 

image from monster cupcake
When you meet the right person, everyday is Valentine; When you are in Monster Cupcake, everyday is Halloween! All the designs of the cupcakes are inspired by classic horror movies: Chucky? Ghost Buster? Night before Christmas? Sesame Street? It will certainly bring back all the nightmares you had as a kid, but this time, with a sweet tone!

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