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Korea/Seoul/ Itaewon: O-Shake

Korea/Seoul/ Itaewon: O-Shake

This is not your ordinary shakes. The "O-Shake" will open your eyes to some crazy shakes you might never ever thought of!

About the space:
O-Shake in Itaewon is quite spacious. Tables are located at the back of the counter.

Sharing is recommended , the portion is very big. Leave some space for other items on the menu. Too much of anything is good for nothing.
Korea/Seoul/ Itaewon: O-ShakeThe best seller Double Nutella Shake.
Price: 8,500 W
Review: The milkshake was smooth, very rich, with generous amount of nutella. It was served in giant mason jars, decorated with all chocolaty goodness. There are chocolate sauce, pretzels, whipped cream MORE nutella and a chocolate chip cookie for me to munch on!
The Peanut Butter Shake seems very tempting too, but even one shake was too much for me. However, I am sure, judging from how much creamy peanut butter they put in, it will send you straight into sugar rush.
You might want to try a “Devil” if you are really craving for milkshake and haven’t had breakfast.
Other items on the menu: Sundae, Animal mini rollcakes, cupcakes, Ice croissants.
Korea/Seoul/ Itaewon: O-Shake

Address:  49, Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Korea/Seoul/ Itaewon: O-Shake

Direction: 1. take metro line 6 to Itaewon Station.                
                  2.  Exit the station through exit 1.
                  3. Walk straight and take the first right turn.
                  4. Walk to the end of the alley and turn left.
                  5. keep walking straight, O Shake will be on your right.
Korea/Seoul/ Itaewon: O-Shake
images above taken from official facebook page.

Opening hours: 1100 - 2200

Phone: 02-792-5429,

Facebook: O-Shake

Website: O-Shake

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