Thursday, December 31, 2015

My List of TOP 3 Korean Unique Waffles

1. Cherry Blossom Bread: Eating Flower

image by Choiyunjin

the cherry blossom bread(벚꽃빵), A lot of people would queue up at some street stall in Jinhae during the festival,  for more than 30 minutes, just to get their hands on this must-eat delicacy. Filled with adzuki beans paste with a kick of Cherry Blossom extract, it is a delightful treat which is not too sweet and smells like the cherry Blossom.

2. Keyboard Waffle: Geeky Breakfast

image via Nexon Computer Museum.

Techno geeks, rejoice!
The innovative chefs at the Nexon Computer Museum had transform your favorite breakfast forever in a geeky way. Thanks to these techie waffles, we could never look at our breakfast the same way anymore.

3. Aboong Ice cream: Plot twist to traditional Bungeobbang 

image via Aboong ice cream official facebook page
Korea is famous for their Bungeobbang (fish waffle), but Aboong takes it to a whole new level by introducing to the world a new Species under their brand: an open-jawed fish with a-million-heavenly-goodness stuffed inside. It is filled with ice cream, Chocolate fondue (fruits of your choice), crunchy flakes and chocolate syrup, complete with a red bean paste/custard cream pocket near the tail area… tell me what else do you need in a hot day!

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