Monday, December 14, 2015

Texas: Few hours in San Antonio


I was only here for 4 short hours (waiting for another bus departing to Austin). San Antonio is a colourful city. Anyone visiting here should not miss the famous River Walk.

The Alamo
Admission to the Alamo is free, although donations are appreciated. Expect a line in front of it. It is a historical site where the 1836 Battle of Alamo happened. Come here to learn about this pivotal event in Texas history!

River Walk Tour Boat
This is a very touristy area, so expect huge crowd during weekends! Anyhow, you can't say you visited San Antonio without a stroll by the River, which is especially pretty at night! There are a lot of restaurants on the river walk, however, I suggest you to get off the River Walk for delicious,affordable food. A River Walk Boat Tour by Rio is also a brilliant way to explore the area. Personally, I prefer to explore on foot so that I can take a picture of the tour boat!It really adds colours to the river!

Tower of the Americas

It only cost $10 to take you to the observation deck at the top, where you can have a unobstructed vista over San Antonio. Also, found on top of the tower are a revolving restaurant, bar and a 4D thrill ride.

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