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Korea: The Menagerie

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I’ll admit it: I have a soft spot for cute things but do not doubt my statement when I say this: The Menagerie is arguably the tastiest cupcake shop in all of Seoul !!

There are quite a number of flavors to choose from, all in the form of different animals. Believe me, the sponge cake tasted moist. Although it may looks like it is heavily coated with whip cream, IT IS NOT! I took a bite of my Rabbit cupcake and there were strawberries in it, nice and refreshing.

About take away: 
Even if you choose to take away, their cute shape will still hold well by the time you reach home. The staff will carefully package the cupcakes individually into a handy blue box.

Time to visit: 

Evening is the best time to visit because as they start clearing out their stock for that day, there will be some pretty good deals to grab. I returned the evening that day and found a crowd.

If you do not have to LOVE cupcakes to pay a visit to the Menangerie. There are also some pretty good pastries. As far as I know, they are quite famous in the area too.

Website: ssgfoodmarket

Foursquare: Menagerie

all about images taken from Foursquare.
Location: All Shinsegae Malls (food markets)

Address (the one I went): 
강남구 청담동 4-1번지 ssg푸드마켓 1층
Ssg 4-1, Cheongdam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu food market (1st floor)

Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00

Phone:  02-6947-1275

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