Sunday, December 13, 2015

Road Trip: Death Valley, Nevada

@littlemisshappyfeet. Photo Credit to Matt.
I thought the Largest National Park in the US outside of Alaska would be a good idea during my SUMMER road trip. Without thinking any further, I added this stop into the plan. How did it turn out? It sure was one "HELL-u-v-a" ride!

We took the most direct route from Las Vegas via Pahrump. As we were driving through the National Park, it felt like we were being cooked and the temperature reached 121F at one point!!! I do not remember much of Death Valley National Park, when I tried to recall, all I got was "get-me-out-of-here" and "blast-the-air-con" flashing images. Yea, It was that bad.

However, we did not come here in vain! We managed to check a few viewpoints despite the extreme Heat Danger (drink a lot of water. that's a MUST!)
I am sorry to say that we walked pass this sign. 
for a different, most alien-looking kind of beautiful view.
I thought I was in Mars.
It is clear and obvious that I did not explore the Death Valley National Park like I planned to. Despite all the swearing in the car that "I'll never ever come back", I wish to give it a second chance, preferably, during early spring.

Friendly advice:

-Carry a lot of water and preferably some sport-drinks too in the car.
-If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or headache, stay in the car and blast the air con+ have a sport drink.
-Do not speed, even when you are the only driver on the road! The main cause of death in Death Valley is single-car accidents.
-Beware of rattlesnakes, scorpions, or black widow spiders.
-The death valley once houses 2 visitor center. However, one is closed in October 2015 due to flash flood. Thus, the Furnace Creek Visitor Center is the only one left.

we survived! Photo Credit to Matt.

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