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Turkey: What to eat in Istanbul

I always make a MUST-EAT list before I travel to any places. This is my list for Istanbul (updated after the trip):

1.  Dolma Köfte

What is this : Stuffed meatballs/ Vegetarian dish. Common vegetables to stuff include tomato, pepper, onion, zucchini, eggplant, and garlic.
Where to eat: Burc Ocakbasi
Address: Parçacılar Sk No:12, Kapalı Çarşı, 34200 Istanbul (side alley in Grand Bazaar)
Phone: +90 212 5271516

2. Doner kebab/ Shawarma
What is this: meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, served on bread, pita or lavash.
Where to eat: Sultanahmet Buhara Kebab House
Address: Alemdar Mahallesi, Nur-u Osmaniye Caddesi, No: 7, Istanbul 34440, Turkey (Sultanahmet)
Phone: +90 212 513 7799

3. Hamsi.
What is this: little Black Sea Anchovy (can be served deep fried with raw onions and bread, as fishballs, grilled, pan-fried etc.)
What's special: (seasonal) only Autumn and Winter
Price: start from TL6.

4. Patso.
What is this: a sandwich with hot dog and french fries.
Price: 1.50 TL.

5. Dondurma
What is this: Turkish Ice cream.
What's special: It contains orchid root extract, thus, the chewy and stringy texture. The sellers will play tricks on customers when serving those ice creams.

6. Kumpir

What is this: baked potato with savory fillings.
Where to eat: Kumpir Sokak (Baked Potato Street) in Ortaköy
Price: 7-8 TL.

7. Kestane Kebap
What is this: roasted chesnuts
Where to eat: Grand Bazaar
Price: 3 Lr for 100 gr.

8. Boiled and Roasted corn on the cob
(although I recommend getting a boiled one. Roasted corns were too dry when I tried.)
Where to eat: along Eminonu Pier
Price: 1 TL

9. Simit

What is this: Warm bread.
What is special: The taste and texture -- so close yet so far to a western bagel
Price: 0.75 TL

10. Baclavas
What is this: sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with nuts and honey between layers.
Where to eat:  Hafiz Mustafa 1864.
Address: Hobyar Mahallesi Hamidiye Cad. No:84 Bahçekapı Eminönü, 34080, Turkey
Phone:+90 212 513 3610

11. Turkish delight
What is this: confections based on a gel of starch and sugar.
Where to eat: Grand Bazaar or Hafiz Mustafa 1864

12. Asure

What is this: Turkish Pudding (Try pistachio!)
Where to eat: Hafiz Mustafa 1864

13. Balık ekmek
What is this: Fish sandwich 
Where to eat: The boats along Eminonu Pier.
Price:  5 TL

14. Turkish Coffee

What is special: Very strong, fragrant and bitter. Note that this coffee is unfiltered, and it is shimmered, not boiled. Try an authentic one without sugar!

15. Turkish Tea
What is this: a variant of black tea which is consumed without milk

Thank You for Reading! 
This post is based on my opinion and personal experience. 
Feel free to share your favorite food in Istanbul with me by commenting below!

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Alya said...

Hey girl, awesom write. But we hated the burnt corn at pier, it is nothin worth except that it cheap eat. In really hot day try Ayran, taste like sour, milky like. Specialni.